a little ray of light above Jakarta

It’s been a wonderful period of time, where the sun sets in a beautiful manner. Here’s a frame from last week’s hunting, 23 floors above the ground.

Thank you all for dropping by and have a nice week ahead!

red sky over Jakarta


As we are approaching Chinese new year, it is a perfect day to see red sky over Jakarta. The one hour downpour helped clearing the atmosphere, and I was lucky to reach the 25th floor just in time to witness the sun goes down gloriously. Tomang fly over on the right leading to Grogol on the north side and Tangerang on the far West.

Thank you all for stopping by and have a great week ahead!

the blinking lights of Gardens by the Bay

Call this a re-entry into blogging. It’s been a really hectic life these past few years, but one of my plans is to be more active in blogging again. My recent visit to Singapore reminded me how lovely it is to slow down and take your time observing subjects before pressing the shutter button, and this image is one of those moments.

Gardens by the Bay, as usual, have their way of celebrating Christmas. Beside the usual multi-coloured lights on the super tree grove, they also have luminarie light sculptures (on the lower right in the image) hand made by Italian craftsmen.

I have come to like my old 15mm fish-eye lens for many subjects. It is a very light lens that doesn’t distort images as much as other wider fish-eye. I hope to show more 15mm images in the coming year.

In the meantime, have a great end-year celebration and thank you for visiting my site.

TAG Heuer Carrera 16


I catalogued around 100 luxury watches last week. Among which was this TAG Heuer with custom bracelet. A beautiful chronograph, it has a self winding automatic movement. As with any other TAG Heuer, the dial window is made from sapphire-crystal.

I’ve always love TAG Heuer since it was still a TAG company, and like this masterpiece as well but there was a really cool and much simpler Rolex Explorer II in the collection that I would have prefered, if offered. Thehehehe!

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the Yurikamome line

Tokyo train

Yurikamome line is a train route connecting Tokyo to Odaiba through the Rainbow Bridge. It provides a scenic view of the surrounding, like this one taken late in the afternoon. B-)

I used the WCL with my X100f to get that little extra view from the wider angle.

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