Flight of the Lesser Sand Plover

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I never realized  that shoreline birds are fascinating, especially if we can observe them closely. In the fraction of  time when the rain stopped and the sun showed up a bit, 1/4000sec was possible to freeze their fly.

A flock of Lesser Sand Plovers (Charadrius mongolus) in Segiling, Bintan, with moulting plumage for the non-breeding period. They breed discontinuously in areas across east Asia from the Himalayas to North East Siberia, and occasionally in Alaska. Winter, non-breeding distribution includes the coasts and estuaries around the Indian Ocean and South-West Pacific (including Australia and New Zealand). They are also known to winter in eastern and southern Africa, from the western shores of the Red Sea to South Africa.

[Canon EOS 7D, Canon EF 70-200 f/4L IS @200mm, f/5.6, 1/4000sec, ISO 400]

(with thanks to Iwan Londo for helping with species identification)

Higher resolution images below:

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