2010 in a tiny nutshell

2010 has been a very dynamic year for me. It started off slow and a bit sad. There was parting at the very beginning of the year (come to think of it, it also happened, time and again, at the end of this year). But then things went off pretty smooth, and quite a number of KPIs were achieved, if not exceeded.

As you have noted from my earlier posts, my trip to Vietnam did me good. Not only did I meet great new friends, the trip also opened new perspectives. And it definitely was a great photo hunting opportunity. But it was my experience with more great new friends during the Merapi eruption that enriched my soul a lot.

Gadget-wise, I said goodbye to my beloved palm Centro (which was stolen in Hanoi), and opened my heart to my sexy Legend, currently updated to Android 2.2 a.k.a Froyo. And although I am still using a palm TX, I am preparing it to rest in peace, so I can completely depart from my 7 years of palm computing. It is also evident that I have finally moved back to shooting with SLR, this time with a D. It adds a lot of ease, and opens miriads of new possibilities, but also challenges (if not weight!).

After a few years of silence since I closed my main blogspot.com site (not counting the few posts I attempted after that), I started blogging again, here. And it feels good, especially combining it with my photography in a more serious way, and with you as my audience.

It also feels good to be free from my addiction to Zynga’s Mafia Wars. It was good when it lasted with almost four missions completed, but not anymore. If you are a fan of those kind of games, try to quit. You may find it relieving.

These past three months have also been very challenging for my psyche. But you, my dear friends, made me keep on smiling (afterall, isn’t that what friends are for?), and move on.

So yes, this has been a year filled with abundant of meaningful events, some with you in. Thus allow me to humbly take this opportunity to thank you all for your companion, in real and in mind, through distance and time.

2011 is guaranteed to be another challenging year for me. At least two focus projects will dominate my working days, and perhaps I can capture a few nice frames from the projects to be posted here. It will also be a tough heart-bending, mind-boggling, soul-searching year, as I continue to chase my Dream in my surreal world. Maybe, like the wisdom of Ganesha, I can somehow convert perceived disadvantages into advantages. And I wish you, my friends, be given such wisdom for a great 2011.

Let the day of a new beginning start.
Let the storm pass by.
Let the sun shine in.
Let’s rock!

Ganesha is a Hindu God. He represents, among others, saviour from obstacles, source of intelect and wisdom. This half finished ash-covered Ganesha statue was taken 15km from Merapi after it erupted, outside an artist house.


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