Swimming puppets

Everybody who have seen their performance agrees that these puppets are uniquely amazing. They are made from wood (some weight more than 10kg), and unlike shiny Barbies their lacquer are peeled off here and there. These are the infamous water puppets of Vietnam, which originated from the northern land back in 11th century.

The performance in Thăng Long Theater in Hanoi was far from boring. The 1 hour show included several short stories from Vietnamese folklore and legends, and was accompanied by a live performance which includes the use of đàn bầu, Vietnamese monochord.

I was fascinated by  the fact they were performed on water, and their movements mixed with the water movement made it more alive.

The Theater is just on one side of Hoan Kiem Lake, and it’s a good way to end the day in Hanoi after encircling the nice lake.

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