Life in a bay – Ha Long

In one calm tropical day, when the sky was deep blue, and the moon (yes, the moon!) didn’t shy itself away, and the wind blew swiftly as we moved in the bay, we were presented by a really breathtaking view of the people living in between the giant rocky limestone karsts. Most of them are fishermen; they either trawl, trap or do fish farming. They live on floating wooden houses with red spandex roof, kept afloat by the numerous blue containers underneath. The smaller, individual canoes are made of woven bamboos, with what looked like a layer of tar or other waterproofing material. In one or two areas where tourist stop points are made, they transformed themselves into street and sea vendors, mainly selling drinks.

Again I was transfixed by the cleanliness of the area. No graffiti on the limestone walls. The water was clean; there was no sign of excessive use of phosphor-enriched detergent (at least not by naked eyes), and I couldn’t see any single plastic litter floating around. Not even from an area where around 800 people are living. This is just amazingly incredible!

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And here are the individual images in high resolution.

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