Mangrove Jetty at the end of the day

It was not planned. I didn’t have my equipment with me. The day was almost over; the sky was a near perfect blue, and the sun was setting in, its ray was soft and gave a warm yellow tone to the wooden mangrove jetty. So I took out my HTC Legend handphone running Android 2.2 Froyo. It has a 5MP autofocus camera, with adjustable focusing point and different metering modes (I left it to the default center area mode). I increased the contrast and saturation one level each, decreased the brightness also by one level, increased the sharpness to the highest (which is two levels) and took some snapshots. They didn’t appear that bad.

Here’s another example showing that advanced camera is not the only deciding factor of our photo quality, after my initial post on it here. Happy hunting!

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High resolution images below:

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