Blackforest for fun – the setup

Remember yesterday’s pictures of that yummy blackforest? They were  all done in my company’s unit living room, which is not much of a living room any more since I am the only one living in this 2-bedroom unit. The good thing about food photography is that we don’t need a big studio set-up.  As you can see, I just piled everything on my table to one side, leaving a small empty space at the corner where I put the cake. A few white sheet of papers completed the background. They were not even blank papers, but the use of a 70-200mm lens removed even the stapler from the frames!

The tripod used is a 20 years old Cullman. The small ballhead with the quick-release camera plate is not the best combination for a long lens, and it was a bi tricky to compose. But that’s all I have, so I will just have to live with it for the time being.

I should also have used my old Canon Speedlite 430EZ flash bouncing off the ceiling to produce better and evenly distributed white balance, but again, there was no batteries inside nor in my stock, hence the living room’s circular florescent lamp 2.5m above was the only light source.

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