Chilli crab leftover

Yesterday I had a lunch feast. It was our Company’s doctor last day, and he just got his research proposal acceptance in Singapore, so he treated us in one of the few authentic seafood in northern Bintan, Waeju. Its signature dish is chilli crab, but I couldn’t get a nice frame of the plate (and after all, the presentation of the plate was not attractive).

So I focused on my stomach first, and when all dishes were empty and our stomach were full I arranged the leftovers. I added some sea-snail shells to cover the dull colour of the vinyl table cloth, and started framing. At first I thought the out-of-focus green plastic plate at the background was a distraction, so I moved down and shot low-angle with the window as the backdrop. Later during review I found the green plastic plate not that distractive, as a matter of fact it looked as if complementing the main object.

Next time I think I’ll rinse all the shells first to get a cleaner image. What do you think?

Hot from the kitchen, delicious but not presentable.

Love to hear your thoughts, please share here....

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