Twilight 200m above Singapore – the 180 degree view

Sixteen frames. Two minutes time in total. Covering from PSA Singapore Terminals on the south west to Ritz-Carlton Millenia on the north-east. This is approximately 180 degree panorama from SkyPark – the observation deck on top of Marina Bay Sands. The frames were taken approximately 20 minutes before the other panorama pictures in my previous post.

I still used my EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens @45mm (didn’t dare to change under the strong wind and raindrops every now and then). With ISO 800 and f/6.3, the exposure varied from 1/25sec on the north-western sky to 1/8sec north-east. All handheld.

Thanks to Hugin, the stitching went very well with just the default values. It was, however heavy on my pc as I only have 1MB RAM to work with. I left the upper part as it is since cropping will cut the top of three buildings.

As usual, you need to click on the image to see how not sharp it is. Still wondering why though, maybe I focused on the wrong objects; I remember changing my focusing point on the few last frames at the right, and the results were definitely sharper than the far left ones. But this could also be because the objects on the right are closer to the camera. Anyway… hope you enjoy it a little bit.

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