Poor man’s food photography studio – Chocolate candy

OK, it’s not a studio. It’s my living room. An unused bedside table. A few sheets of used paper, and mmm… toilet paper! Poured down two packs of chocolate candy. Zoomed in to maximum and wide open so the paper borders were so out of focus, and the flash added the uniform white although it was not (I didn’t even have to move the unused candies off the table). Speedlite 430EZ flash was in manual mode, stopped down 2/3 stops, bounced off the ceiling. Oh, and manual focus.

My original plan was to use the texture of the toilet paper (and if you ask why not using kitchen paper, the answer is simple: no stock!). Alas it didn’t work. Was the flash too bright? Was the texture too small to be captured? Should I change my aperture? Hmmm….

Here’s the setup. All objects were in the exact position as in the final picture (well I might have eaten a few of the candies).

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