Heroines and Heroes of Tunas Bangsa Primary Bintan

Today we Indonesians celebrate Kartini Day. Kartini is an Indonesian heroine who led the struggle for women’s equality during the colonial time. As in other areas, Tunas Bangsa primary school also celebrates the Day with quite a number of creative activities. I love the activities created, and also the decoration that was put by the teachers. So here are the wonderfully cheerful teachers and administrative staff who made this young school advanced to its present state; consider this a thank you gesture. <grin>

Above picture, from left to right, say Hi to: Susy, Yuli, Gestin, Dina (principal), Gita. In the front row: Gugun, Yanne, and Aditya. Not present is Santy, who has to be in her home town for Easter preparation.

I used Program mode in Portrait Picture style. Still using my 20 years old battered speedlite 430EX flash in Manual mode, 60 degrees bounced, flash output set to 1/8 power.

And as I’m getting acquainted with Mac’s Aperture 3, the workflow is pretty fast. I no longer take out my CF card from the camera; instead I plugged in the USB cable, which fired up Aperture, imported the images into a new project, selected these two frames, did a little adjustment using the preset and a few manual ones, then batch exported them using my custom template (which include file resizing and renaming) with BorderFX plugin. All within 10 minutes time!

Love to hear your thoughts, please share here....

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