Fruiting lichens

OK, these are actually more to spores as lichens don’t bear fruits. And this wet afternoon I was lucky to witness the spores (the complex fruiting bodies –ascocarps– will be more appropriate) of a batch of crustose lichens here in a small forest north of Bintan.

The rain has just stopped, the forest is wet, and I was not in there to take pictures. But when my eyes saw the spores, I went back to my house (5 minutes away) to grab my camera and took a series of pictures.

My LX-3 lens frame was literally sitting on the spores (and left a mark seen in the second picture) to get the minimum distance possible (1cm) with the macro mode (dangerous move, indeed, risking those spores to get into my lens). I also used the manual focusing mode (can’t seem to get a good focus with spot mode).

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