Twilight at Bintan Resorts reservoir

It was 18:20. I was just finished watching the first rehearsal for Bintan Cultural Festival 2011 at the Reservoir Park, when the twilight across Bintan Resorts’ reservoir caught my eyes. Bintan Resorts’ pump house, part of its whole potable water treatment process, was lit-up with security lights, and the reflection on the water was almost perfect.

I didn’t have my tripod with me, but lucky the fencing around the sound-system podium is photographer friendly: It was made from square iron bars, not the usual rounded ones. I set my camera on the fence, set the Live View mode, adjusted the focusing area, and fired a few shots. This one below is by far the most beautiful frame produced (also the first from the four frames taken).

The image was not edited at all except reduction of size and for the borders and watermarks. Click on it to see the beauty of a Canon L-lens sharpness quality (worth every cent of my salary!).

And here’s how the camera was set on the fence, pictured with my HTC Legend handphone.

IMAG0058 600

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