the path to Domas Crater – Tangkuban Perahu

Most people visiting Tangkuban Perahu mountain, West Java, Indonesia, will only stop at the parking lot and enjoy the view of the Queen crater from above. And those who venture down to Domas crater will most likely walk noisily. If only they use their eyes and ears and noses more than their mouths, they will find the beauty of the pathway which is, most of the time, covered with thin layer of fog, with a very strong character of manarasa (Vaccinium) trees creating a mysterious atmosphere. Watch carefully, and in between those Vaccinium trees lies a diversity of ferns and flowering plants, bright green mosses beds, accompanied by that fragrant smell of a chill 17°C forest 2,000 m above the sea level.

So next time you visit this place, take your time and walk down the path. You may appreciate it more.

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