Fishermen’s Village – Sunda Kelapa

We’ve visited the harbour, now we take a very brief look to the village where many fishermen live, just a few hundred meters from the harbour.

All the houses were built above the water with bamboo poles as the base support. These are semi-permanent houses, with walls made from wood planks or plywood. Clothes lines could be seen either on the terrace or whenever there is a place to hang and dry laundry.

Trash was spread all one the water surface. These were either trash from the village or items washed in from the mouth of the river. A few houses have greens -makeshift vases and pots with flowering plants- a sign that they too, love some aesthetics, if possible.

Yes, living in Jakarta is a hard living. The people of the village is just one example. And this is one group that we rely on everyday for fresh seafood in the markets, or supermarkets.

Now every time we feel the urge to complain on something on the city life, remember this village. Remember that others are less fortunate and have the right to complain more. But they didn’t. Maybe.

Sunda kelapa part2 001

Sunda kelapa part2 002

Sunda kelapa part2 003

Sunda kelapa part2 004

Sunda kelapa part2 005

Sunda kelapa part2 007

Sunda kelapa part2 010

Sunda kelapa part2 008

Sunda kelapa part2 006

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