reaching out – beyond sea nomads kids education support

What started as a small project to give education support to the sea nomads children has, eventually, expanded to include all the primary years children in one almost isolated Tajur Biru island, 100km south of Bintan Resorts. After one and a half months of planning, yesterday the Humanity Forum with 14 volunteers visited the island through a very calm sea and nice weather. In between the zillion of things that were brought and donated (like 830 pcs of exercise books, stationaries, musical instruments, and fruits) for the 150 students were the happy faces of the volunteers. For them, it’s OK with the four o’clock morning call and lifting of goods, …as long as the kids are happy.

And happy were the kids indeed. The visit included activities that were divided into three different groups of singing, sports, and art-and-craft classes. The shyness of the kids who have never met strangers from strange-land melted in no time, and smiling faces were all over the school’s compound. Half a day gone, and the kids went home with goodie-bags. And don’t worry, trash cleaning was not forgotten. Tired as they might, the volunteers were still cheerful on the way back. It’s OK, as long as the kids are happy.

If you would like to know more about this program and ways to participate, please visit Anak Laut Goes to School page.

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link to medium resolution pictures below.

4 thoughts on “reaching out – beyond sea nomads kids education support

  1. Ranan,

    Your photos are indeed absolutely fabulous. It captured the essences of the activities and the pictures are rich in character and story. Keep it up!

    It was indeed a pleasure having you on our team. Cheers

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