thinking about mara

I love mara 003

If you ask me: Love her totally. Mara, my soon to be 12 years old only daughter, is like any other kids of her age: stubborn (got this from her father), doesn’t like studying (she hates math and physics), crazy about Conan manga, belief in pixie dust, and full of imagination.

One evening after finishing her exam preparation, she was given a 10 minutes reading time before going to bed. As usual, this 10 minutes extended into 20 or 30 minutes. Here she is with one of her favorite series, Pierdomenico Baccalario’s Ulysses Moore. She was in an extremely good mood, for I was given permission to take pictures of her (a very rare situation). She knew I was going to put her pictures in this blog, but the mystery plot of twins Jason and Julia and their friend Rick was too engrossing to be bothered with such small details. What an advantage for me. I took quite a number of shots without flash (didn’t bring it with me that time). The two shots below were taken using a +2 diopter macro filter.

Now if you all excuse me, I would love to continue thinking of her….

I love mara 002

I love mara 001

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