this is it!

Melangkah lagi

Last day of the year! And what a year it has been. Recapitulating back, postaweek2011 was a real help in pushing this blog to run on a routine weekly basis. I started my own Twilight Saga with the twilights above Singapore and Bintan Resorts reservoir. I didn’t go too much on food photography this year, but dwell more into religious matters, from Singapore Cathedral to Vietnam’s Cao Đài. There is a new page on weddings (which I hope will be filled more often once I retired), a few portrait posts (also more to come on this), numerous posts from Bintan Resorts’s Bintan Cultural Festival, and then of  course there is the sea nomads stories. There were sad moments of loosing dear friends, but as yin and yang, there were also happy moments.

Looking forward is like looking to the blue-green ocean in front, with a lot of opportunities if we can identify and grab them, with the company of the wind breeze that will provide fresh air to our lives. With this, allow me to humbly thank you for visiting this blog and for your friendship, and let me close 2011 and wishing you a great 2012. God speed.

Love to hear your thoughts, please share here....

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