For almost two weeks I have been going in and out of our Power Plant. While I can tell you no details, it sure was more oily than usual. Another unfortunate fact is that I can not post any detailed pictures.

But this one I’m sure don’t violate anything:

All I can say is that although workloads have been up to the necks and pressure to complete works was overwhelming, smiling faces were everywhere in between the oil-stained coveralls, sweat, and sleep-depreviated eyes, in an environment where sound level is above 100dB all time.

So here’s kudos to you guys whose names I can not even mention. Keep the spirit high, keep the generators running, keep the power flowing!

20120119 049 HDR

2 thoughts on “smile!

  1. Man…I just came across your blog by chance and i’m learning photography…This blog is blessing to me….awesome pics…words fall short to appreciate something like this…keep clickin’ !!! đŸ™‚

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