50 pieces of stained glass panels – National Museum of Singapore

Nat museum singapore rotunda 003

If you are in Singapore and are tired of shopping, stroll into the National Museum. Originally built in 1887, it is now a mixture of neo-classical and modern architecture, covering a huge area of 18,400 square meters.

One of many things that amazed me when entering the building was the rotunda’s dome, with its Victorian style stained glass panels. There are a total of 50 beautiful curved panels encircling the dome.

Nat museum singapore rotunda 002

I took the above picture handheld, bracketed down with 1 stop decrement to -2 stops. The shutter-speed written is from the -1 stop frame. Alignment was greatly improved by using 7D’s built-in electronic level. Oh, and holding down breath while shooting with high-speed continuous for the three frames to minimize position shift also helped a lot.

Nat museum singapore rotunda 001

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