temple of the king

Yes, we’re still at St. Paul’s church, Malacca. Just when I walked out of the complex, there sat this old guy singing songs I grew up with. Rod Stewart was one that his voice matched beautifully. But Rainbow’s temple of the king really hit me back to the olden days where good quality classic rock songs existed.

TempleOfTheKing 001

I loved the atmosphere. I like the colors and surroundings. And I enjoyed his songs. So I changed to my sharpest lens, the 70-200mm, and started shooting. After the seventh frame I realized I was shooting from a bad angle. So I moved to that ficus tree, half squatting, leaning my back hard against its root behind that guy with the green shirt (later a few others also moved their positions behind me). This frame below is my favorite, as it also show the tombstones at the background and I feel his posture was right.

It’s an HDR from the usual three frames each with 2 stops difference. I purposely didn’t eliminate the ghosting artifact from his movements; I thought it enriched the picture. But your points may vary… so why don’t you let me know? I’m sure I can learn something from your comments. B-)

TempleOfTheKing 002

one day in the year of the fox
when the bell began to ring
meant the time had cometh
for one to go
to the temple of the king….

daylight waits while the old man sings
heaven help me
then all could see by the shine in his eyes
and then like the rush of a thousand wings
it shines upon the one
and the day had just begun….

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