the walls of Kridosono, Yogyakarta

Graffiti kridosono 001

As an aficionado of graffiti, the fact that not so many graffiti is available around the center of Yogyakarta’s attraction raised a question at the back of my head. So I wandered around, asked here and there, and was led to the old Yogyakarta’s stadium, Kridosono.

Here the outer walls were covered with beautiful street art. Being Yogya, it was reliefing to witness that a few local artists combined graffiti with local heritage such as Wayang, batik pattern, and artefacts.

All HDR were constructed using three frames with 2 stops variation.

Take your pick and do let me know your favorite!

Graffiti kridosono 002

Graffiti kridosono 003

Graffiti kridosono 004

Graffiti kridosono 005

Graffiti kridosono 006

Graffiti kridosono 007

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