a fine patisserie in the middle of Toba Lake

Toba FinePatiserrie 001

Who would expect sweet delicious pastries, wholesome brown bread, home-made jam and gouda cheese in Samosir island, in the middle of Toba Lake, North Sumatra? I came to know about Tabo Cottages from a friend who is in travel business. When My wife and I reviewed the place in TripAdvisor, and read about Annette’s (the owner) specialty in homemade pastries, plus the ability to plunge into the lake from the cottage, we immediately called and reserved a room.

My choice of pastries include strawberry cake, cream cone and coconut crumble (both pictured above), and chocolate muffin. All very reasonably priced, less than IDR 20,000 (around USD 1.50) a piece. Savour them with a sip of tea (or coffee if you prefer), late afternoon by the pool, or at the room’s terrace, while enjoying the view of Toba Lake.

Come morning light, assorted wholegrain bread, soft and warm, awaits you at the dining area (also overlooking the Lake). Get a slice or two (or most probably more), top it with gouda cheese and fresh tomatoes. I would also personally recommend the tamarillo home-made jam, and tamarillo juice. Oh, and don’t forget the pancakes, they are as thin as pancakes should always be.

Toba FinePatiserrie 002

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