Hong Kong: an avenue without stars

HK Avenue of Stars

Everybody who goes to Hong Kong will want to go to the Avenue of Stars (and Disneyland, but this is another story). And I wonder why. I have walked the avenue with my family, starting from the Star Ferry Pier. The view is nice, we get to see the skyline of Hong Kong. But to expect the stars… well… the only star there last week was Bruce Lee, and he looked a bit odd without any shirt in the chilly 10 degrees Centigrade. And don’t talk about the Symphony of Lights. It is amazingly boring with a few green lasers flying by from the top of a few distant buildings.

So yes, do visit this place. Start from the Pier somewhere around 5pm. Or even earlier from 1881 Heritage. I spent around 2 hours taking pictures of the Heritage, if you are like me you may want to put enough time. The Pier and the Clock Tower are beautiful subjects to photograph just before sunset when the sun is golden (you may want to check sunset time from your GPS or online). Enjoy the view. But don’t expect anything spectacular at 8pm when the laser starts. Try not to visit it on weekends or public holidays, it’s a very favourite past-time place for locals and foreign workers as well.

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