John and Effy – a dream come true under the pipe organ

John Effy 011

Everybody was very exited the moment John announced the news. Those who know him know exactly that the time is ripe, and everybody was very eager to know who the lucky woman was. I believe similar situation was also found by those close to Effy. John and Effy chose white and green as their wedding colours, and I just loved the combination. The wedding itself was done in a heritage 1925 built church in Bandung – the GPIB Bethel church. The garden reception in the evening was phenomenally set-up.

And as the tunes originally by John Secada and Rebecca Holden filled the air, we all believe they are now filled with joy, no more tears or sorrow….

…Come with me, and we will fly together
to a place, where we can love forever

Take my hand, and we will see tomorrow
only joy, and no more tears or sorrow…

Here are snippets of the wonderful occasion. Thank you John and Effy for allowing me to capture your lovely moments!

John Effy 042

John Effy 002

John Effy 003

John Effy 004

John Effy 005

John Effy 006

John Effy 007

John Effy 008

John Effy 009

John Effy 010

John Effy 012

John Effy 001

John Effy 013

John Effy 014

John Effy 015

John Effy 016

John Effy 017

John Effy 018

John Effy 019

John Effy 020

John Effy 022

John Effy 023

John Effy 024

John Effy 025

John Effy 026

John Effy 027

John Effy 029

John Effy 030

John Effy 031

John Effy 032

John Effy 033

John Effy 034

John Effy 035

John Effy 036

John Effy 037

John Effy 038

John Effy 039

John Effy 040

John Effy 041

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