Hong Kong: Wetland Park Light Rail Station

Hongkong TSW Circular

Last March I stopped short on my posting from my Hong Kong travel. Consider this as the beginning of the sequel. <grin>

The Wetland Park Light Rail Station is located in the Northern Territory, and one of the easiest way to reach the beautiful Wetland Park by public transport. You need to change MTR in Tin Shui Wai (TSW) Station; walk around 15 minutes before reaching the Light Rail platform. Hop in to train number 705 and enjoy the ride. It is a circular train, which means it will go round and round and round, so if you miss the station you can always wait for the second round, or the third round, or the fourth round (if you have the time). But I doubt you will miss the station, for the Wetland Park Station name is clearly displayed and likely most of the passengers of the train will alight here, so you can watch the crowd. The circular train runs both ways, with the other route numbered 706.

It was a cold afternoon, but the sun was shinning beautifully. I took a quick three handheld shots using my X100s AE bracketing feature with 1 stop interval, and did a composite of the three using Photomatix.

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