development of a lime swallowtail 2

Lime butterfly instar 5 001

I have grown much bigger since yo saw me the first time. I’m now in instar 5th stage, the last stage before I turn myself into a pupae. I’m as hungry as ever, and continue to eat whatever is left from this lime tree. I need to keep enough energy for my transformation into an adult lime swallowtail later.

I have four pairs of prolegs on my belly (abdomen), and another pair behind on my last segment. These prolegs will dissapear once I transform into an adult butterfly. On my chest (thorax) I have three pairs of true legs that will remain after the transformation. My true legs help me in getting the best position to get the food with my very strong jaws (mandibles) that will also reduce once I transform. Oh, and I have 6 pairs of eyelets (stemmata).

Now do allow me to go back to chewing and eating….

Lime butterfly instar 5 002


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