from ArtStage 2015 – Beyel and her Portrait

It’s been a long time since I visited the annual ArtStage Singapore. So when I did this year, it amazed me. There were  so many mixed media works, and the inclusion of multimedia into art is —at least for me— overwhelming.

The work below is made by Isabell Beyel, a German artist born in 1968 and (interestingly) studied law. Entitled Portrait, this 140 x 100 cm piece consists of a mixed media collages and acrylic on plexiglass. Among the medium I identified were mice traps for the neck, hair rolls for the lips, assortements of wine corks for the skin, keys and fan for the eyes, and if I’m not mistaken sandal hangers from a branded name for the hair. Oh, and she also used tile spacers for the dress.

I just love her work, and I hope you do too!


Portrait 1

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