barelang, bird’s eye view


One fine day, a lucky seat, and good weather (albeit cloudy). And snapped, got this frame on my way back to Batam (on the lower left of the frame).

The term Barelang stands for Batam-Rempang-Galang islands bridge interconnection created by Habibie. From the total of 5 bridges connecting 6 islands, the first bridge has become the icon of Batam. Officially named Fisabilillah bridge, it is the only suspension bridge here, with a total length of 642m connecting Batam and Tonton islands. In this picture we can still see Narasinga bridge, the second bridge, connecting Tonton and Nipah islands.

Notice the patchy bald brown areas? That is typical in this region, where environmentally unfriendly land clearing leads to erosion and shallowing of the river mouth and sea.

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