Yes, vivid colours. And sharpness. And smiles, plenty of smiles. Happy faces. And laughs. And giggles. And… kids! You got it: it’s a reunion, sort of. About ten years ago, most of us were a bunch of happy singles working together in a company in what most felt as an almost remote island. Although, with frequent ferry connection to Singapore, it’s not.

Anywaaaaay…, last Sunday we gathered in a public park in Jakarta. Taman Suropati is the name of  the park, in Menteng area. A clean spacious public park with street musicians and all. Chit-chatting. Playing. And group pictures. This one astonished me. So here it is.

Hope you can also feel the excitement. Have a good week ahead and thank you for stopping by!

Oh, BTW, this was taken with a 4-years old Fujifilm X100s with a WCL (wide conversion lens), and a Nissin i40 flash on TTL for fill-in.

Love to hear your thoughts, please share here....

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