Bits & pieces #3 – Merapi 2010 experience

What is there left to be told, looking from these pictures? They are perfect couple, Putra and Yetti. Oh, and if I haven’t introduced Yetti (apart fom the fact that without her and Ratna I might not have known all the  great people in Momento), she was the volunteer coordinator during Momento Cafe’s public kitchen period. She also helped wrapping all those meals, in between her cigarette sessions, or cutting vegetables.

Like Putra, Yetti is very fluid whenever a camera is in front of her face. She is not shy, and expressed herself explosively. If you ever need a model, try her!

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6 thoughts on “Bits & pieces #3 – Merapi 2010 experience

  1. wahhh, can i have my photos as well here??? hehehehe…yetttiiii, kpn kowe neng Jakarta??? ur t-shirt is waiting 🙂
    Thank u Pak Ranan…


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