Behind the synergy – Merapi 2010 experience

Earlier I have mentioned how the volunteers in Momento Cafe synergised to produce and distribute thousands of meal packs every day to Merapi refugees in distant locations.

Behind this synergy lies the core group of equally dedicated workers. Yan Parhas (a.k.a. Peye) ran the daily operation with two blackberries. Somehow he always had part of his hair pointing upwards, maybe an indication of his alertness to changing situation. He was also in the Distribution Control, together with Mono, and Mohamad Aulia Rahman (a.k.a. Aan). Mono and Aan also did fleet pilot cover duties whenever needed. Aan is now working on a fully auto-garlic-peeler invention, as he had enough of peeling garlic during the last days of operation due to shortage of volunteers (or maybe not!).

Raw materials need for the kitchen was under Idung. He arranged the daily shopping (read: hunting) of vegetables and spices in the market. He also helped chopping, cutting,  and slicing of vegetables. He also did cooking. Recently he shaved clean his moustache, maybe it got burnt in the kitchen.

And then we have Ari Nurfadilah: treasurer, document control, and other logistics. She was accompanied by her equally small netbook, which needed to be brushed (with a make-up brush!) from time to time due to the ash rain from the roof. Behind them we have Difla Rahmatika, who was also looking into account receivables (and looking after Ari). She also helped making a nice sticky rice dessert that Goyo brought after his tour of duty on one hot day. She got a turtle-shaped talisman around her neck. Her blackberry is her dearest, and she smoke like a steam train.

It was great working with you guys!

Yan Parhas


Mohamad Aulia Rahman


Ari Nurfadilah

Difla Rahmatika

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