Humanity: standing out from the crowd – Merapi 2010 experience

It is easy to be humane. We just need to open our hearts. Add a little spice of unity, and most likely we will have synergy. Zillions of voluntary workers around the world have been doing this. So have we been in Indonesia. It sounds odd, but whenever we have natural disaster, we tend to unite and leave our differences behind. As a matter of fact, we live within our differences, if only for a while.

For the students, volunteers, and refugees in YKPN, their humanity stood out from the crowd, in my opinion, because they gave it 200%. They did it with all their hearts, minds, bodies and souls (and with some financial aids). Similarly with pak Yudhi Hermanu and his GAIAcorps in Momento Cafe; just like him standing out from the other volunteers in the Cafe, with his different manifestation of feelings.

Truly, remarkably nice people with sense of humanity in capitals.

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