the bless of Ramadhan

To many Indonesians, Ramadhan, the Moslem fasting month, is not only a matter of rebuilding spiritual srength. For many, it also helps gaining extra cash, and this is accomplished by means of selling a hell of a variety of food for the break fasting, as street sellers.

Ramadhan bendhil 004

Ramadhan bendhil 010

And while the usual tradition is to sell local food, at least in Jakarta this has expanded to include quite a number of other dishes such as dim sum, hot dogs, cennai bread and briani rice.

Ramadhan bendhil 003

Ramadhan bendhil 007

Here are a few frames from a street seller festival opened in Bendungan Hilir district, Central Jakarta.

Ramadhan bendhil 001

Ramadhan bendhil 002

Ramadhan bendhil 005

Ramadhan bendhil 006

Ramadhan bendhil 008

Ramadhan bendhil 009

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