66 and life to go

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17 August is our Independence Day. And at 66, we have gone through many ordeals. In spite of all the shortcomings, I am very grateful for what Indonesia has become. We could end much worse. I have seen many cultures, been to many countries, and met many people. There is nothing that I would trade for the richness of Indonesia: exotic fruits, colorful landscapes, beautiful sunsets, compromises, winterless days (ay!), diverse nature, heterogenous citizens, illegal software (ehm!), cheap DVDs (another ehm!), more than 10,000 islands (although, as my good Eritrean friend used to say, most of them are submerged during high tides), and myriads of other fascinating facts. These are some of the reasons that made me came back to this tropical paradise back in 1997. No, I would not trade it in with anything.

So here’s for a great, dynamic life in Indonesia!

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