a peek to Sunda Kelapa harbour

Waking up at four thirty in the morning to get to Jakarta’s oldest harbour and watching it starts the day is not going to be my daily dose, but to have experienced it at least once in my lifetime was worth it.

The scene was a mixture of wood and iron, with a very-very strong character on them as if letting us know that they are old, rusty, but not battered yet. Five dominant contrasting colours can be seen: white, blue, green, red, and yellow. And I enjoyed processing multiple frames into HDR.

Sunda kelapa part1 002

Sunda kelapa part1 001

Sunda kelapa part1 003

Sunda kelapa part1 010

Sunda kelapa part1 007

HDR of 6 frames to grab the sun ray and give the correct exposure of the anchor.

Sunda kelapa part1 012

Sunda kelapa part1 005

Processing faux HDR on this frame gave me the bright red color of the trucks and more definition of the scattered lime on the road.

Sunda kelapa part1 004

Sunda kelapa part1 006

Another faux HDR to pop out the colours and more definition of the scattered lime.

Sunda kelapa part1 011

Sunda kelapa part1 008

At 7 o'clock the sun was already high. Three frames were used to make this HDR.

Sunda kelapa part1 013

I wonder whether these filter press is still in use.

Sunda kelapa part1 009

Love to hear your thoughts, please share here....

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