total lunar eclipse over Lagoi

20111210 405

An evening with the moon. If you have never felt the romantic ambiance, wait for the next lunar eclipse, and get away from the crowd. That was what I did. And now I know why there are so many songs relating the moon and love (for this time let’s ignore Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon that speaks of insecurity, war and death).

Last saturday was the last total lunar eclipse of 2011. I had better luck than friends in Bandung or Jakarta, for the sky was clear above Lagoi. Black clouds were easily moved away by the relatively strong wind that evening. Sparks of stars from distant galaxies decorated the sky. I went to the highest place in Lagoi and watched the moon transformed its colour from bright yellow to dark orange and back for almost 2 hours, alone (I pretended the two security guards of the place as non existent, it helped a lot).

As Sting whispered through the tiny speaker of my handphone, I let my mind travel to the moon….

It was many years ago that I became what I am
I was trapped in this life like an innocent lamb….
…How could I be this way when I pray to God above
I must love what I destroy and destroy the thing I love
Oh you’ll never see my shade or hear the sound of my feet
While there’s a moon over Bourbon Street….

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