tina and ignatius

Tina ignas ori

Tina and Ignatius are young couple who is always smiling in front of my camera. In this picture I got bored with the usual tropical green background in front of Mayang Sari Beach Resort, so after an initial enhancement from my RAW file in Aperture I fired up NIK Color Efex Pro plugin  and changed it to autumn leaves using one of its predefined presets.

Next I opened OnOne’s Perfect Portrait, a new product in OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 6, and gave Tina’s face skin a little bit of colour. One nice thing about Perfect Portrait is it will detect faces automatically. We can then adjust quite a number of features including removing blemishes. It has preset skin tones for all races, and being lazy I just opted for Asian.

Tina ignas perfect photo suite

Here is the final result after just 5 minutes of work: Tina and Ignatius in front of their dream summer house in Italy. Oh, that sand on Ignatius’ face? Yeah, I overlooked it, but between you and I and the rest, let’s say it came from Adriatic Sea. LOL.

Tina ignas

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