Valentine 2012

First things first: I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. I failed to see the point: why should we wait until the 14th of February every year to express our loves. Moreover why should we express it with chocolates. I would do it with wine, rose sparkling wine, that of Sogrape Mateus Rose. Or cherry. But not chocolates.

Anyway, like it or not it’s Valentine’s Day, and so I choose an image that may suit the day, even though not much. The dancers pictured here were dancing on flexible poles in Marina Bay Sands Singapore. It’s not a good shot, far from it. I arrived late at the scene; in fact they were closing the show. My 70-200mm f/4L was in my bag. My position was off side. And I was also late to realize that ISO 640 was not adequate to freeze their movements. Geez! And I had to use Focal Point to throw the Spectators at the back out of focus.

It’s not a good picture. I do hope it qualify for Valentine’s Day theme though: it has a pinkish color and there is a couple in it (although their faces clearly said that they were not in love!). The only element missing is a heart. But wait, it’s not missing, it’s inside each of your souls.

And if you are looking for inspiration, may I suggest to take a look to Yoli’s 13 Ways To Share Love on Valentine’s Day (#1to31). She put up 13 ways, but for me the most important line she shared is the 14th way: “…make it a habit to share your love with the world more often. It’ll make you and others feel great.”

Have an enchanting day, and do send me some of those chocolates!

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