Citos graffiti

Chitos graffiti 001

If it wasn’t for a rendezvous with Diah and Christian and their fabulous kids at Cilandak Town Square (a.k.a Citos) Jakarta, I would not have known the long graffiti in front of the mall. Diah told me that those were purposely made by organizers. Later I found out that on the eve before 9 July 2010 13 artists, of which 6 were Paris based, worked their artistic skills decorating the wall.

Chitos graffiti 002

It’s just a pity that quite a number of the original graffiti were painted over by other graffiti. The three pictured here are just a few from those.

Taking bracketed frames from across this busy street proofed to be difficult. Timing is of essence: frames were taken in between cars and motorcycles passing by. I was lucky that afternoon the street was, although full, not dead crowded. The situation, where vehicles were not speeding but also not too close one another, was an advantage for me.

All pictures originated from bracketed frames with 2 stops difference. The shutter speed written is from the 0 stop setting.

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Chitos graffiti 003

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