Vegeroni con salsa di ostriche

Lunchbox vegeroni 001

I found Family Fresh Cooking by Marla Meridith through twitter. Last September she initiated project lunch box, a 30 days challenge of sharing healthy recipes for a healthy lunch box. The project on her blog inspired me, so last Sunday in the evening I tried creating a menu for my daughter to bring to school Monday.

Basically these were the ingredients for my vegeroni in oystersauce:

  • Vegeroni pasta
  • green beans
  • carrots
  • oyster mushroom
  • sweet corn
  • chicken fillet

For seasoning I only used oyster sauce, butter, and white pepper.

My workflow was as follows:

  • Carrots and beans were cut in small pieces and steamed, separately. I usually do this to maintain the crunchiness. Sweet corn were just boiled
  • While waiting for the vegetables to be ready, chicken fillet was also cut into small blocks and marinated with oyster sauce and pepper.
  • Next comes the pasta, usual treatment using a tint of salt and oil inside boiling water. To make it dry, after straining I fried the pasta on a wok for a few seconds, just to let go of all the remaining water.
  • Work interrupted, my daughter hugged me when she learnt that I was preparing a meal for her lunch box (precious feeling!)
  • After a quick rinse of the wok and dried with a kitchen napkin, a thin layer of butter was applied, and chicken fillet was stir fried.
  • In between chopped oyster mushroom was added and stirred together with the chicken.
  • A few sprinkles of freshly grinded white pepper finished the cooking.

Lunchbox vegeroni 002

I took out an old plastic container and arranged the sweet corn as appetizer in a smaller container therein, then the pasta, adding the chicken and oyster mushroom, and topping it with the green bean – carrot mix. The menu was enough for another two portions, so my wife also got a lunch box, and the other portion was kept in the fridge. Actually all the boxes were also kept in the fridge for the evening, and taken out early morning. No microwave was needed to reheat as Indonesian weather is hot enough to warm the meal.

I was about to add a few slices of sweet and juicy dragonfuit, but the container was too small, so the fruit ended up in my stomach that evening <grin>. Well I did left some slices in the fridge for my daughter’s after school refreshment.

Lunchbox vegeroni 003

3 thoughts on “Vegeroni con salsa di ostriche

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  2. god bless you for caring and paying TLC attenion to your daughter and building healthy food attitudes. this is our biggest problem in america today: kids with the adoration and love for JUNK FOOD. the media is the principal agent for promoting this mindset and even we are having a problem with our youngest son 14. american kids hate vegetables as their eyes and ears are bombarded with messages to eat things from the BOX or from a DRIVE IN.
    thank you for sharing this and we would like to Reblog this on our blog at:

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