love, hate, love – Malioboro graffiti

Allow me to conclude my Yogyakarta posts (which started a few months back) with this beautiful graffiti. I was walking back and forth measuring Malioboro street on my last night in Yogyakarta hunting for objects. One door shop stood out from the rest because it was decorated with graffiti. Only by then it was half covered with items from street vendors. Around ten o’clock the street vendors started to pack their merchandise away. By ten thirty the street was almost clean of them,and I got a clear view of the art.

I took 6 frames using my tripod to cover the whole piece. Stitching was done using Autopano before importing the result back to Aperture, where I edited the RGB levels and enhanced the contrast, saturation, and vibrancy.

I hope you enjoy this piece (click on the image to view a higher resolution one). Take care and have a great weekend!

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