cautious Singapore

Cautious singapore 001

If yo have been to Singapore, most probably you will have tried its MRT (Mass Rapid Transport), which runs almost always underground. The MRT is such a fun place to go hunting for shots. And I can’t help to notice so many warning signs. I mean, almost every single meter there is a warning sign! They are so abundant in red, yellow and green, in its four different official languages (English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil).

And some of them made me laugh. Seriously, when I stop to read “CAUTION – Keep Clear – This Door May Open Without Warning” (see my last shot), that door may suddenly open before I keep myself clear!

Cautious singapore 002

Cautious singapore 003

Cautious singapore 004

Cautious singapore 005

Cautious singapore 006

Cautious singapore 007

Cautious singapore 009

Cautious singapore 008

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