under the flyover


I was in a taxi, waiting for the red traffic light to turn green. Under the Slipi flyover, Jakarta. I looked to my left, and caught these two street-sellers resting. They had with them a big plastic bag each with some books and magazines plenty of tissues (Thank you for the correction, Godeliva Olivia) that they sell when the light turn red.

I quickly opened my backpack, and grabbed my camera.The optical viewfinder couldn’t get them into focus (the taxi’s window was dark from its window film tinting), so I quickly switched to the electronic viewfinder, it was a snap. And took the picture. The bright light from the car behind me was very useful. With f/2 and ISO 6400, it was sufficient. Just in time before the light turned green.

Yes, this is a JPEG straight from the camera. Uhm…, yes, darn good sensor, my 7D would never be able to get similar result.

Thank you for dropping by!

4 thoughts on “under the flyover

      • the surgical mask is the purple one, you can see the ear loop 😀 actually i think the greenish one beside the purple mask is also a mask. I usually take 213 which passed Slipi as well, so sometimes I bought tissue or masks from them. *bergandengan tangan dengan mamang jualan* :p

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