in between the footsteps


Took this from one of the many elevated bridges of Jakarta one evening. Mother, daughter, and a baby on her lap, were all sleeping in between the footsteps of passers by. And my mind went to the beautiful poem by Avik Datta Gupta, the Beggar… 

I have a long lonely road for my shelter
Some kindful garbage for my food
I thank you my good God above
For being so sweetly rude

Some people fling a coin
And drive into the dark
As I shake my shapeless bowl
Begging in the park.

There is so much love and passion
On the benches in the dark
But is this the love that people know
The coin or the outcast stark

Some beg for love, some beg for money,
Some beg for food, and some for being better
I beg for these like others
Then why am I called a beggar?

[Avik Datta Gupta]

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