Monica and Hedi: looking through the eyes of love

Monica hedi 001

They have endured a long 6 years and 5 months of relationship. And that included a few years of long distance. So when they finally decided that they’ve had enough, it was a celebration of love. Monica and Hedi’s wedding was awesome. It was a blend between Javanese and Chinese tradition that lasted a short two days, stuffed with four main events in two different places; three different wardrobes (I loved the handmade batik pattern on one of the wardrobe); two… no, three different hairstyles for Monica; and a hell of a load of delicious food.

By awesome I mean, they were fun to be with (even their families and relatives were fun to be with). They giggled and smiled all the time, except the first 20 minutes of the church procession, when they were nervous (you know, the part before your partner say “I do” is always nerve breaking – what if “I don’t” come out? Yeah, I know, I watched Four Weddings and a Funeral one too many). And when they looked to each other, you could see that love was so very much in the air.

Congratulations to both Monica and Hedi, whose love believes the impossible. Thank you for trusting my cameras to capture your wedding. And without further ado, these are my short selection of the celebration.

(all frames on M settings and manual flash; the only one taken with X100S on this page was done using Aperture priority).

Monica hedi 002

Monica hedi 003

Monica hedi 004

Monica hedi 005

Monica hedi 006

Monica hedi 007

Monica hedi 008

Monica hedi 009

Monica hedi 010

Monica hedi 011

Monica hedi 012

Monica hedi 013

Monica hedi 014

Monica hedi 015

Monica hedi 016

Monica hedi 017

Monica hedi 018

Monica hedi 019

Monica hedi 020

Monica hedi 021

Monica hedi 022

Monica hedi 023

Monica hedi 024

Monica hedi 025

Monica hedi 026

Monica hedi 027

Monica hedi 028

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