Jakarta 486 years – the tough midget


Believe it or not, these Daihatsu Midgets from 1962 are still in operation in Jakarta. Originally not a passenger car, these three-wheelers were modified as part of Jakarta’s busy means of public transport. Locally it is known as bemo – Becak Motor (motorised rickshaw). You can have six passengers at the back, and 2 squeezed in front. One or two additional school-kids may be standing, hanging on the bars of the back cabin. Did I tell you that the cabin’s roof is made of canvas? There’s no door at the back, and if the wind is not with you, you’ll get a share of the carbon monoxide, or even rain drops when it’s raining (passengers usually use their umbrellas to stay dry).

How do I know all these? Well I used to hung onto those bars, back in the seventies! I still love and use these cars whenever I visit Jakarta. They are serving Bendungan Hilir – Tanah Abang route. If you are feeling adventurous, go and jump into one of these, just for the fun. But do be careful with your belongings.

The picture above was taken in the evening in Bendungan Hilir. I used Nik’s Silver Efex Pro to achieve the final result. I hope you like the rendition.

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