Welcome to the Year of the Horse

CNY2014 001

We celebrated this year’s Chinese New Year right in the middle of Singapore’s centre of attraction in Chinatown. They have these giant lantern horses beautifully lit in red and white, and old Chinese gold coins flying around.

To be able to get better frames out of the crowd, I had to either poke my 70-200mm lens through a hole on the fence of Garden Bridge (top picture), shoot from the middle of the street when the traffic light turned red (second picture), climb many of the concrete blocks put there as weight for the extra electricity poles (second picture from the bottom), or shoot from a bridge 200m away (bottom picture).

So yes, welcome to the Year of the Horse, and may prosperity and good health linger around you!

CNY2014 003

CNY2014 07

CNY2014 005

CNY2014 004

CNY2014 002

CNY2014 06


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