Lidia, Ralph, and Nadine: the greatest love of all

Last December, as photographer for their solemnation, I witnessed how Lidia and Ralph took care of their daughter Nadine with all her rather defiant mood. Through my lens, during the pre-wedding session and the ceremony, I saw their patience, and love for Nadine. Allow me to share with you all some of their best captured affections —and Nadine’s expressions, below.

Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Valentine and a greeaat weekend ahead.

Lidia ralph nadine 001

Lidia ralph nadine 002

Lidia ralph nadine 003

Lidia ralph nadine 004

Lidia ralph nadine 005

Lidia ralph nadine 006

Lidia ralph nadine 007

Lidia ralph nadine 008

Lidia ralph nadine 009

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