Hong Kong: the skyscrapers


Imagine this. You have never been to Hong Kong (nor New York). When you arrived at the Hong Kong airport, you spent the first hour inside underground, hopping from one train to another. You alight in Mong Kok station, Kowloon, and went up to the surface. And !!BAM!! you were suddenly surrounded by humongous skyscrapers, huge billboard lights in glittering colours, and a massive crowd.

Overwhelmed. That’s how I felt. And immediately all the scenes from those Hong Kong mafia and gang warfare movies came alive. And I fell in love with the scenes at my first sight. I stared in awe to the colours, the reflections, the shapes of those rounded building corners, and those window-styled air-condition protruding from old buildings. I spent a few nights walking the streets around Times Square and Mong Kok area capturing the scenery with my 10-22mm wide angle lens, which is a perfect companion for these subjects. All shots except the first two are composite of three frames (-2 to +2 stop) with 2 stops interval. All frames were taken handheld. Here they are.







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